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Halee Young LMT

Office: (775) 924-1600
Cell: (530) 917-8092

“Wellness is a journey within oneself, starting with taking that first step.”

Halee graduated from Milan Institute in 2021 and has both an Associate of Science in Construction Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

Halee is an Air Force veteran with a background in psychology. After separating from the military, Halee followed her heart into massage therapy. She is passionate about her career as a massage therapist after seeing the results of massage within herself and others. She plans to never stop learning, as knowledge is crucial in every aspect of life and can contribute in many ways.

Self-care can be forgotten in our daily lives, and our bodies suffer because of it. This brought Halee to research homeopathic healing paths to better herself and others.

Halee delved into massage practice with experienced massage therapists to expand and develop her manual therapy and assessment skills. It has allowed her to work in many massage techniques in order to work with diverse clientele with different bodywork needs. Halee knows different people need different approaches to attain successful results, and she is dedicated to exploring all possible techniques to help her clients reach their goals.

Halee specialize in deep tissue and therapeutic modalities, combined with range of motion therapy in correlation with muscle manipulation.  She has an interest in the future of psychology combined with specialized bodywork to help clients identify stored trauma and how to heal it from the inside out.

Halee’s Schedule:

Mondays 10am to 6pm

Halee is not currently taking Groupon/Living Social

Halee's Pressure Scale: Medium to Deep

Halee Young LMT: About
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